You Saw Me

“And You saw me / When You took a crown of thorns / And Your blood washed over me” While came across these lines on Hillsong’s “You Saw Me”, I felt the joy of having a God who sees–Genesis 16:13

While flashing back, there are so many times that I know You saw me, and You are with me.

You saw me when I had my first cry, first laugh, first snuggle with my mother. You called me a “work of art” when I came to the earth. How amazing!

You saw me when I was learning to walk, from one end to the other end, how many times I fell and lost the balance. But I was able to walk after several attempts.

You saw me when I won the math competition in the whole city. for the first time, while most of my math teacher’s attention were on another student who came from a rich family. My name was called in front of hundreds of students and walked front to receive this award.

You saw me when I publicly declared my faith and was Baptist during the summer between middle school and high school.

You saw me when I was in middle school “I’m not got at Chemistry, and I will never able to pass the exam”. You felt my pain and gave me the strength to work harder so that it would just be enough for me to pass.

You saw me when I graduated from high school, while many of my classmates stopped their student career right after high school (or middle school, for some). You gave me the opportunity to go further in college, and take on more challenge.

You saw me when I got accepted for an opportunity to study abroad. You comforted me, gave me the strength to overcome my fear which came together with the excitement.

You saw me when I had my first experience flying to a foreign land, all by myself. You prepared such helpful people just at the right time, right places when I need immediate assistance.

You saw me when my grandma and grandpa passed away last year. It was one of the darkest moment in my life, while being overseas and couldn’t make it to the funeral. My grandpa put his faith on you, then You took him from the earthly home.

You saw me when I made my first appearance at TCX15 conference. I didn’t know anyone on the first day, but after four days, it became so hard to say Goodbye.

You saw me when I made my first trip to Florida, to visit Cru’s headquarters. It was the first time I have ever been to a place that I didn’t know anyone. But You still gave me one of the best memories, just as the other places where I previously have friends.

You saw me when I’m experiencing the up and downs when raising supports for my summer mission. You encourages me to go deeper with the already-existed friendships, and have a Christ centered friendship.

You saw me at each of these significant moments in my life–as well as in every detail over the past 23 plus years you have given me. In the ups and downs, in the success and failures, gains and loses. You give me hope and the courage to move forward–You are always watching me.

You not just see it, You know it. You know when I’m feeling down, You know when I’m confused, You know when I’m struggling, You know when I’m afraid. You rejoice when I trust in You and step forward in faith. You cheer when I accomplished or achieved a goal. You see it all.

You provide me whatever You see I need: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control [Galatians 5:22-23]

You see me because You are always with me!


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