Oh,“Wild and Wonderful” West Virginia

Travel in America is not so easy when comparing with China (where has affordable-cost high-speed trains, public buses, metros, taxies, bicycle-friendly roads ), but in America, except those major cities like New York, it’s hard to get around places without begging for ride first. Even like Greyhound, you still have to find a ride to the bus stop/station first. Some might say, just call taxi, they are not always on time & the fee charge is unknown. ( not like in my hometown, maximum of 5 dollars can get to any of the two spots in downtown and nearby areas)

Thankfully, in the summer of 2014, I got the opportunity to go on a road trip around West Virginia, while they took their daughter to a Bible camp down the south (well, not Florida, just in the south part of West Virginia ), that was really the FIRST time I got to see the “wild and wonderful” sites of West Virginia.

1.Unplanned “meeting” with a squirrel. I was first greeted by this little guy. And people call it “squirrel”, while campus was extremely quiet, it became so much easier to catch a photo of squirrel without scaring it off. Yay, this was a perfect catch!
IMG_37462.Ohio Valley University. By name, I would easily think it’s somewhere in Ohio, but it’s actually in West Virginia. We went there because I saw the flyer about the gospel singing concert at Alliance Church of Christ (and this one is in Ohio about 2 hour drive from my school)

3.Woodpecker. I have heard that these bird are very helpful to trees, but the very first woodpecker I got to see in its natural habitat just happened to be in West Virginia. I was totally amazed by this creature!

IMG_39594. Oh dear (deer). If you are in West Virginia, you are more likely to see a deer crossing the road, always have to be careful when driving. But for me, I have never seen deer alive before, I’m quite excited when hearing about this! Hey, they are actually very beautiful giants!
IMG_78115.the State Capitol (Capital?) It’s in Charleston, and from outside, it looks pretty much like other capital buildings, including the one in Washington. D.C. Except that its roof was covered with shining golden material, and looks pretty nice under the sun!  And yes, finally I could say that I have been to West Virginia’s capital!.
IMG_40406. New River Gorge. This is probably one of the most famous place in West Virginia. And I got visit it in the summer and in the fall (during Bridge Day event). The view from the bridge was just so AMAZING!

7. Camp Cowen. This is a very small area near Summersville. But it has been the base for Baptist Ministry summer camp for years. This is definitely a place that can only be accessed when you drive! I was completely amazed by its natural beauty, and the quietness. It was just so calm.
IMG_41268. Fall is my favorite season, especially when the leaves change colors!
“Autumn carries more gold in its hand than all the other seasons”, and it really is! I love the spring in my home city; but I enjoy the fall across the pond! I love seeing flowers blooming in spring, but fall was always too short for me to enjoy all the colors, but West Virginia is just perfect to catch the autumn scene.


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