Every Blessings

【Proverbs 3:5-6】Trust the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

April 6, one month ago I was accepted to participate in Cru summer mission, meanwhile  started my support raising for my summer mission project; two months from today, June 6,  I will be departing from Pittsburgh to Orlando.

“Support Raising”, “Ministry Partner Development” or “Fundraising”, whatever you call it, this is a fresh new experience for me, I have never done that in China, neither in America, and from my nature, I hate to ask people for money, even when I did borrow money, I will return no matter how long it will take.

But there were two things happened earlier this semester that put me in the situation where I have to raise support instead of just pull out from my personal account. First off, my family made deposit to my credit card for my whole semester’s budget ( these were originally to cover my tuition and potential textbook expenses, so you can imagine the amount) Second, when I was about to pay the tuition, only to found out my credit card was not working, called the bank, I was told that I couldn’t use the card anymore until I physically fly back to China so they can make sure it’s me and change the pin code. Thankfully, there emergency saving helped me to get through those tough moments, and right now I’m almost on a 0 budget.

With there being said, I couldn’t just tell myself “it’s okay if I don’t raise enough support”.

Doing something that I have never done before is always challenging, especially on support raising, that’s really hit on my biggest fear. I didn’t know who would be willing to give, I didn’t know if I were able to meet the first periodical support raising goal, I didn’t know…. these uncertainty brought me fear, but I fully trust in Him that he will provide just enough. As Pastor Ted once preached “look backwards encourages you to go forward” (may not be the original quote), it has been such a blessing that God is leading me all the way from China to America, from TCX to Preview Weekend and Summer mission in few months.

Although I did get responses such as “we are atheist and we don’t support mission trips” “I generally don’t give money to charities” and so on, especially during the first couple days, these responses were just like stumble stones throwing on me. There was no support come in during the first 2 weeks, and I almost though of giving up and there was doubt if I were about to reach enough support by the end of 3-week time frame.

Heavenly Father never left me alone, just as He always does! While I was doubting and questioning myself if I were able to do this, if God were to answer my prayers. And yes, He did! As I was touch the deadline of the first 3 weeks, I was humbled by these friends across the country! And it really is, in 2 weeks, I was able to meet the first support raising goal! There was tears when I finally calculated the amount on checks and online giving account. So I sent the first mail of donation checks to my team leader last week. And I was able to fully meet the first periodical support raising goal.

I have been encouraged by so many people when they share their stories and experience with support raising, and these have always be a positive reminder to myself that our God is a loving Father, He sees what His child is doing, and He knows what His child is suffering, He is a perfect shepherd and He will not leave His child alone.

It’s terrifying to see how much more I will need to be fully funded, but it’s such a blessing to see how far I have gone in the trust of Him. I have been so humbled with so many friends across the country and across the world who pray for me and help me in finances, words are not enough to express my appreciation, but He sees.



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